Comments and suggestions


Thank you so much and wish your wonderful inn “Praskovia” to develop and go ahead!

V.M. Gaizer (The head of Komi Rebublic)


I am sincerely stuck on your courage and distant thoughts. There is a wonderful staff. All the best and good luck!

I.V. Koshin (H.T. the head of the Nenets Autonomous District administration)


Super awesome that there is such an inn. Good luck, go ahead, have kind visitors, a lot of visitors all the year round. The Andreevs.

A wonderful place deep in our motherland!!! It is necessary to approach an international tourism market! Good luck!

Nesterov Igor


It is a cozy, calm and quiet place.

There is a good location, a wizard beauty of landscape!

Thank to the staff for care and attention.

Pleasant associations with visiting your inn! Good luck in all deals!



To tell straight, when I was going to arrive the first time to Ust-Tcilma I took with a grain of salt and thought that the inn would not be the same as my expectations. How I was surprise when I saw very cozy, well heated rooms (we lived in two different rooms). There is a really good café with a welcoming stuff and a perfect cuisine. A special thanks to the receptionist who is ready to assist with any request at any time of day or night… Thank you for pleasant memorable pastime. We will certainly return again!